Jan. 21, 2021, 2:11 p.m.

1.4 Awards long lists 2021

The 1.4 Awards long lists have dropped and we are thrilled to have nine pieces of work, across commercials, music videos and online content, on both the Flying High and Cusp of Greatness lists. Congratulations to Ellie Johnson, Chris Roebuck, Stephen Dunne and Iain Whitewright, and their creative partners, on being featured.

Maria Nilsdotter 'A Swedish Fairytale'
Editor - Chris Roebuck
Director - Joanna Nordahl
Prod Co - New Land
Agency - Maria Nilsdotter

Slow Thai ‘Feel Away’

Editor - Ellie Johnson

Director - Oscar Hudson

Prod Co - Pulse Films

DJ Shadow 'Rocket Fuel'
Editor - Ellie Johnson
Director - Sam Pilling 
Prod Co - Pulse Films

Department for Education 'Tuesday'
Editor - Ellie Johnson
Director - 32
Prod Co - Pulse films
Agency - Havas

McDonald's 'The Gift'
Editor - Ellie Johnson
Director - 32
Prod Co - Pulse Films
Agency - Leo Burnett

Editor - Stephen Dunne
Director - William Armstrong
Prod Co - Stonefire & Weirdo 
Choreographer - Paul Lightfoot

HSBC 'Passing'
Editor - Iain Whitewright
Director - Rupert Russell
Prod Co - Missing Link Films

How The Light Gets In

Editor - Ellie Johnson

Directors - Alex Tiernan / Marko Roth / The Fridman Sisters / Edward Copestick / Sebastian Linda / Jesse Lewis-Reece / Ryan Schude

Prod Co - You Are Here

Dazed - Qweens' Speech
Editor - Ellie Johnson
Director - Zhang + Knight