June 24, 2020, 1:20 p.m.

Creative Circle Awards 2020

Congratulations to Billy Mead, Ellie Johnson, Stephen Dunne and Chris Roebuck whose work was honoured with Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards at Creative Circle 2020! Congrats to everyone involved in making the hugely creative work below.

Billy Mead’s Starbucks ‘What’s Your Name’ Directed by Nicolas Jack Davies at Sweetshop - GOLD Best Direction, GOLD Best Casting, BRONZE Best Film for Positive Change

Ellie Johnson’s 'Operation Black Vote’ Directed by David Allain through Hungryman - GOLD Best Low Budget Idea in digital, direct + experimental

Ellie Johnson’s ‘Qweens' Speech’ Directed by Zhang+Knight at FRIEND - SILVER Best Film for Positive Change

Stephen Dunne’s Lucozade ‘Three Lionesses’ Directed by Jack Driscoll at Academy Films - GOLD Best use of Music

Chris Roebuck’s Carnage ‘Holy Moly’ Directed by Eoin Glaister at Stink Films - BRONZE Best Music Video

Starbucks 'What's Your Name'
Editor - Billy Mead
Director - Nicolas Jack Davies
Prod Co - Sweetshop
Agency - Iris

Operation Black Vote - Fake Views
Editor - Ellie Johnson
Director - David Allain
Prod Co - Hungryman
Agency - Saatchi & Saatchi


Dazed - Qweens' Speech
Editor - Ellie Johnson
Director - Zhang + Knight

Lucozade 'Three Lionesses'
Editor - Stephen Dunne
Director - Jack Driscoll
Prod Co - Academy
Agency - Grey London

Carnage 'Holy Moly'
Editor - Chris Roebuck
Director - Eoine Glaister
Prod Co - Stink Films
Label - Heavyweight Records