June 22, 2020, 12:52 p.m.

D&AD Award Wins 2020

Congratulations to Billy Mead, Ellie Johnson and Iain Whitewright for collecting an astonishing ten D&AD pencils between them, across commercials and music videos. See results below, fantastic news for everyone involved!

Billy Mead’s Starbucks ‘What’s Your Name’ directed by Nicolas Jack Davies at Sweetshop: Best TV Commercial 41-60s and Direction

Ellie Johnson’s Comic Relief ‘Wise Words’ directed by 32 at Pulse Films: Best Direction

Ellie Johnson’s DJ Shadow ‘Rocket Fuel’ directed by Sam Pilling at Pulse Films: Best Production Design

Ellie Johnson’s Eden ‘Projector’ directed by Zhang+Knight at FRIEND: Best Cinematography and Production Design

Iain Whitewright’s BMW ‘The Small Escape’ directed by Alex Feil through Tempomedia Berlin: Best Editing, Cinematography, Art Direction and Direction

Starbucks 'What's Your Name'
Editor - Billy Mead
Director - Nicolas Jack Davies
Prod Co - Sweetshop
Agency - Iris

Comic Relief 'Wise Words'
Editor - Ellie Johnson
Director - 32
Prod Co - Pulse Films

DJ Shadow 'Rocket Fuel'
Editor - Ellie Johnson
Director - Sam Pilling 
Prod Co - Pulse Films

Eden 'Projector'
Editor - Ellie Johnson
Director - Zhang + Knight
Prod Co - Friend

BMW 'The Small Escape'
Editor - Iain Whitewright
Director - Alex Feil
Prod Co - Tempomedia Berlin
Agency - Jung Von Matt