Nov. 30, 2021, 3:51 p.m.

Silver and Bronze at Shots 2021

Congratulations to Ellie Johnson and Stephen Dunne who’s spots for IPC, directed by Sam Pilling through Pulse Films and Alzheimer’s directed by Novemba through Academy Films, won bronze and silver at the 2021 Shots Awards in the ‘Charity’ category. Great work from everyone involved on the projects!

IPC 'WeThe15'
Editor - Ellie Johnson, Liam Bachler & Elyse Raphael
Director - Sam Pilling
Prod Co - Pulse Films
Agency - adam&eveDDB

Alzheimer's Society 'Dementia is Killing Me'
Editor - Stephen Dunne
Director - Novemba
Prod Co - Academy Films
Agency - Engine